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Extensive course videos from current and previous years are displayed in a state of the art video gallery. Over 80 lectures from each year's events.

Our highly popular day 4 (interactive sessions) videos are archived for the benefit of our users.

Our numerous current and archived videos are easily accessible through our user-friendly navigation and video carousel.

Our compressed videos are optimised for mobile and wifi bandwidths to deliver course videos for trouble-free viewing.

Audio from microphones is faithfully optimized for noise-free listening and modulated for different vocal types of lecturers.

Our intensive four-day event course videos are by highly respected cardiac and thoracic surgeons covering numerous topics.

Every time the preview and follow-up quizzes are taken, the questions are randomized to eliminate predictability.

As the respondent goes through the quiz, a dedicated progress bar helps in allowing timely answers to quiz questions.

Users are free to use quizzes as many times as required to ensure optimal learning of material by refreshing internet browser.

Preview quiz:  to test the knowledge prior to viewing course videos. Follow-up quiz:   taken after watching the course videos.

By going over lecture videos and focusing on knowledge gaps, the user will be able to validate learning through scores.

140 combined questions for preview and follow-up quizzes will ensure that testing is succinct and has focused  delivery.


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