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07-10 MAY 2020


Testimonials from delegates who come from all over the world.
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Delivered By Dedicated Consultant Cardiotharacic Surgeons Faculty
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Comprehensive Web App With Course Videos And Quizzes
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Suitable For Cardiac And Thoracic Surgeons Exams And Revalidations.
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Ideal For Nurses, Perfusionists, And Other Healthcare Professionals.
Special Pricing For Nurses
Guest Speakers include Pioneering Cardiothoracic Surgeons.
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Award Winning Venue Feature Auditorium- Meals Inclusive In Fee.
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Sponsorship Opportunities - Exhibition Space And More.
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Join Us For Our 2020 Special Event !
Since it's inception, the London Core Review course has gone from strength to strength gaining global recognition. We want to thank all our past delegates, web app subscribers, and our sponsors for supporting our organisation. We hope to make our 2020 event our best yet.

Our Cardiothoracic Surgery Course

Our four day intensive London Core Review cardiothoracic surgery course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who want up to date material delivered by an experienced faculty of consultant surgeons.

Cardiac And Thoracic Exam Preparation

  • FRCS (C-Th) examinations in Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • Section I & II of the intercollegiate specialty exam in Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • Cardiothoracic surgery board exams in the USA.
  • European Board Of Thoracic And Cardiovascular Surgeons (EBTCS) exams.

    Cardiothoracic Surgeons Requiring CME/CPD Credits

    • Accredited course by the Society For Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland.
    • 4-day course attendees receive 34 hours CPD credit.
    • Single day attendees receive 9 hours CPD credit.
    • Course delegates receive certificates after completing mandatory feedback survey (see registration page).

      Those Seeking Credible Cardiothoracic Surgery Course

        • Our course is based on the 25 year + running US Core Review and interactive UK cardiothoracic lectures.
        • World-class faculty of cardiac and thoracic surgeons who have a passion for teaching.
        • Forward thinking faculty: delegate feedback used to improve course constantly.
        • Loved by course delegates from all over the world.

        Those Seeking Online Video And Quiz Course

        • Over 80+ adult cardiac, congenital and thoracic surgery lectures and archived online video library.
        • State of the art auditorium video/audio recording.
        • Interactive recorded lectures with audience participation.
        • Randomized quizzes.
        • Subscription available for those who can't attend course.

          Surgeons Requiring Reference Course Books

          • All 4-day attendees receive comprehensive course books of keynote slides covering day 1-3 lectures.
          • This allows for better focus and overall absorption of course material.
          • Kindly note, Course books are not available for single day attendees (non 4-day) and Qeb App subscribers.

            Other Health Care Professionals - Non-Surgical Background

            • Every year, delegates from all kinds of backgrounds, beyond cardiothoracic surgeons, attend our course.
            • Our video testimonials include many non-surgeon delegates (see video testimonials page).
            • Registration options available for healthcare professions: nurses, perfusionists, echo technicians etc.

              Practicing, Training, Retired Cardiothoracic Surgeons

              • Comprehensive course for practicing cardiac and thoracic surgeons requiring up to date relevant information and current practices.
              • Excellent for surgeons in training looking to speed up their knowledge.
              • Ideal for retired surgeons requiring a recap of knowledge.
                EVENT SPEAKER VIDEOS

                Course Event  Sponsor

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                  • Our Cardiothoracic Surgery Course is excellent for industry sponsors.
                  • Well organised exhibitions with lots of interactions between between breaks.
                  • Sponsor promotion on website, social media and course material.
                  • 2020 course is 100% Ethical Medtech compliant for ethics/transparency.

                  World-Class Cardiothoracic Surgeons at Our 2020 Event

                  Over the years, the London Core Review course has been honoured to have renowned pioneering surgeons lecturing at our events.  Our 2020 guest speakers lineup is no exception. This is an invaluable opportunity for attending delegates to talk directly to lecturers during the numerous tea, coffee and lunch breaks between the 80+ lectures.

                  Professor Gebrine El Khoury
                  Featured Speaker
                  Professor Tirone David
                  Featured Speaker
                  Professor Prakash Punjabi
                  Featured Speaker
                  View Speakers Page

                  2020 Course Promo Videos

                  2020 London Core Review Cardiothoracic Surgery Course Downloads

                  2020 SCHEDULE
                  DAY 01-04 EVENT LECTURES
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                  2020 BROCHURE
                  LEARN ABOUT OUR COURSE
                  VIEW BROCHURE
                  2020 POSTER
                  A4 PAGE COURSE SUMMARY
                  VIEW POSTER
                  View Downloads Page

                  Course Delegate Registration Options

                  13 May 2019 - 30 Nov 2019
                  Super Saver
                  80+ Comprehensive Lectures
                  34 Hours SCTS CPD Certificate
                  Tea, Coffee, And Lunch Included
                  HD Video Library/Quiz Web App
                  Course Bag With Lecture Books
                  01 DEC 2019 - 31 JAN 2020
                  Early Bird
                  80+ Compehensive Lectures
                  34 Hours SCTS CPD Certificate
                  Tea, Coffee, And Lunch Included
                  HD Video Library/Quiz Web App
                  Course Bag With Lecture Books
                  Register Today
                  01 FEB - 31 MAR 2020
                  Happy Days
                  80+ Comprehensive Lectures
                  34 Hours SCTS CPD Certificate
                  Tea, Coffee, And Lunch Included
                  HD Video Library/Quiz Web App
                  Course Bag With Lecture Books
                  Register Today
                  01 APR - 07 MAY 2020
                  Last Minute
                  80+ Comprehensive Lectures
                  34 Hours SCTS CPD Certificate
                  Tea, Coffee, And Lunch Included
                  HD Video Library/Quiz Web App
                  Course Bag With Lecture Books
                  Register Today

                  Important Payment Information

                  • In the event a credit card is rejected by our credit card processor, please contact your card provider.
                  • If you have technical issues accessing the registration form, try using a non-restrictive network.
                  • Prospective delegates are strongly advised to review information on registration page first.
                  • Healthcare workers such as nurses, please see registration page for special checkout.
                  • The Frequently asked questions on our search page has a lot of useful information to guide you.
                  • If you need payment assistance, please our contact form below for fast, friendly response.
                  • We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
                  • Where credit card payments are not possible, we offer other options - use contact form for details.
                  Frequently Asked Questions
                  2020 Registration Page

                  Freebees For 4 day Delegates

                  Books, course bag, complementary pen and one year web app access.
                  Quality Driven Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeons Course Faculty
                  John Doty, M.D.
                  Course Director
                  Mr. Aziz Momin
                  Course Director
                  Mr. Alex Shipolini
                  Course Director
                  Mr. John Pilling
                  Course Faculty
                  Mr. V. Chandrasekaran
                  Course Faculty
                  Lee McCann, M.D.
                  Course Faculty
                  William Caine, M.D.
                  Course Faculty
                  Rafe Connors, M.D.
                  Course Faculty
                  Professor Brendan Madden
                  Course Faculty
                  Mr. Shafi Mussa
                  Course Faculty
                  David Min, M.D.
                  Course Faculty
                  Barry Bergquist, M.D.
                  Course Faculty
                  Mr. Simon Phillips
                  Course Faculty
                  Mr. Rajan Sharma
                  Course Faculty
                  Speaker Profiles & Videos

                  We have a number of photo galleries around our website showcasing our venue split into the categories shown below. Select any option to go to the page showing the gallery.

                  Course Delegate video testimonials

                  Over the years, the London Core Review cardiothoracic course has received delegates from all over the world. We invite you to view our numerous unscripted video testimonials from past course delegate who provide their candid feedback.

                  View Video Testimonials
                  Invitation Letter For Visa Applicants

                  While the London Core Review organisation does not directly get involved with travel visa applications for delegates travelling from abroad, we are happy to produce a PDF invitation letter which can be included as a supporting document. Please see our registration page for more information.

                  View Registration Page
                  Cardiothoracic Surgery Course Video/Quiz Web App

                  Every 4-day delegate that attends our course will get one year access to our innovative, immersive web app that captures 80+ event lecture videos (includes archived footage from previous years) for continued learning. Randomized preview and follow-up quizzes will further aid in reinforcing learning. Our web app is feature-rich, has great navigation and fast streaming HD videos. The app is available for purchase for those who cannot attend our event and non-four day delegates.

                  Learn About Our Web App
                  Our 2020 Course Venue

                  The London Core Review 2020 event will be held at our award winning venue, The Royal College Of Physicians. Founded in 1518, the college has a rich cultural heritage, extensive collection of rare medical books, renowned architectural features, well appointed Medicinal Garden and lots more. A link to a virtual tour feature is available on our venue page.

                  The World's First Throwable Microphone

                  Used during our interactive day 4 sessions to break the ice not the flow! See venue page for a demo video.

                  View RCP Venue Page
                  Course Origins

                  Our course is based upon the well-reputed and longstanding Salt Lake City Core Review Course in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery established by Donald Doty, M.D., Editor of Kirklin's Cardiac Surgery textbook and advanced by his son John Doty. Donald Doty and John Doty's books Cardiac Surgery - Operative Techniques and Textbook of Cardiothoracic Surgery are highly reputed globally.

                  Donald Doty, M.D.
                  09 September 1937 - 26 June 2019
                  View US Core Review
                  Got A Question?

                  Our Frequently Asked Questions page has all commonly asked questions. You can also use the contact form below, or the search icon on the navigation menu.

                  Frequently Asked Questions
                  Our 2019 Sponsors
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